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Lincolnshire Flooring Holiday Opening Times

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         It is hard to believe that it is already the 6th of December and that there are less than 20 days until Christmas!

Unsurprisingly we are absolutely rushed off our feet here at Lincolnshire Flooring in the run up to the festive season, and our fitters are working every minute possible to make sure customers have their floors and carpets in time for Christmas.

In fact, we are so busy that we are delighted to announce that for the first time in our history, we will be opening our doors over the Christmas period!

Although we will be closing for the holidays at 5pm on Friday 20th December and resuming work at 9am on Thursday 2nd January, we will be opening our showroom for three days during that period. Some of our staff are coming in on Saturday 28th December, Monday 30th December and Tuesday 31st December between 9am and 5pm.

We don’t want them to be lonely, so please pop in and see them at our showroom on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln to discuss all of your carpet and flooring needs.

Our full opening times are therefore as follows:

Saturday 21st December: Closed
Sunday 22nd December: Closed
Monday 23rd December: Closed
Tuesday 24th December: Closed
Wednesday 25th December: Closed
Thursday 26th December: Closed
Friday 27th December: Closed
Saturday 28th December: 9am – 5pm
Sunday 29th December: Closed
Monday 30th December: 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 31st December: 9am – 5pm

Wednesday 1st January: Closed

How the flooring industry is helping the environment

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         There has been a growth in recycling and environmentally friendly practises in many industries in recent years, as we have become more conscious of our impact on the environment. Many industries have embraced recycling and other methods to make their business greener, both because of heightened customer and media awareness of environmental concerns, and because of government targets and incentives. And the flooring industry is playing its part. 

It may surprise you to learn, for example, that there are now carpets available which, rather than being made from traditional materials, are actually made from recycled materials. Mohawk Flooring, for example, recycles more than 3 billion plastic bottles each year, which are recycled into P.E.T. chips, which are then extruded into a fibre which is used to make a range of EverStrand carpets.

The flooring industry takes recycling seriously, with many old carpets and types of flooring being recycled rather than being thrown into a skip, and alternative uses being found for off cuts rather than just binning them. There is a huge amount of waste flooring each year, with the UK reportedly getting rid of around 400,000 tonnes of carpet and carpet tiles per annum. The good news is that the proportion of waste carpets that are going to landfill is being reduced each year. In 2011, 16.5% of waste carpet was diverted from landfill. This rose to 21.4% in 2012, with the target being to raise this figure to 25% by 2015. Waste carpet can be recycled into various products, such as mattress pads, insulation and carpet underlay. It can also be used as fuel in cement kilns or power generation plans.

Lincolnshire Flooring is delighted to say that 0% of our waste now goes into landfill. This is not just waste carpets, but every waste product from metals and aluminium through to ink cartridges, and of course, flooring. As a Lincolnshire Flooring customer, you can therefore be satisfied that when we get rid of your old carpet, carpet tiles or underlay, it will not be going to landfill, but will instead be recycled or reused.

To learn more about Lincolnshire Flooring, please visit our website or drop in to our showroom to see how we can help you.

The benefits of laminate flooring

laminate 1Lincolnshire Flooring are an approved stockist and installer of the Unlin range of Quickstep laminates.

Unlin design and produce Quick-Step floors. Founded in 1960 by several families from South-West Flanders, Unlin grew quickly, and in 1990 Quick-Step hit the market when Unlin became the first laminate manufacturer to go to market with its own brand.

Laminate flooring started off as a more cost-effective alternative to wood flooring, and that is still one of the great benefits of it. Laminate allows you to create the effect of a real wooden floor without the hassle and cost of using real wood. But it is no longer just that, and is certainly no longer perceived as the “poor relation” to wood. In fact, it has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between wood flooring and laminate flooring.

Laminate is quick and easy to fit. It is also both easy to clean and to maintain as it has a sealed surface. It is durable, hardwearing, resistant to scratches and other damage and comes with a 20 year guarantee. This therefore makes laminate and a very practical flooring, and ideal for high traffic areas of your home such as kitchens, hallways, stairs,dining rooms, living rooms etc. 

As well as being practical, it is also very beautiful and versatile. Laminate flooring is available in both tile and wood effects in a wide range of sizes, styles and finishes, with an extensive range of accessories. It is now even available for bathrooms with the introduction of Quick-Step Lagune.

To learn more about laminate flooring and full options for your home, give us a call on 01522 524374 or pop in to our showroom in Lincoln on Outer Circle Road. 

What is Amtico?

amtico-floor-01This post looks at one of our most popular products – Amtico flooring.

If you haven’t heard of it before, you are probably wondering what is Amtico flooring?

Amtico is one of the most popular types of flooring across the UK and the world. It is a vinyl based product which is made to look like other types of flooring, such as wood, glass, stone and many more.

It is available in a wide variety of colours, styles, themes and designs, and there is also a wide range of boarders and feature strips.

The key point about Amtico is just how realistic it is. It look and feels like the real thing in terms of texture, colour and style. It is renowned as a very beautiful and luxurious product.

However, it is much cheaper to have Amtico flooring than real wood flooring, and is also incredibly practical. It doesn’t require maintenance, is extremely hard wearing, and easy to keep clean. It is resistant to stains, slips and water.

It is made up of tiles and strips which can be combined in different ways to make different patterns and designs. It therefore allows you to be as creative as you want to be as it is so versatile. The combinations are endless.


It is ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, halls, bedrooms and conservatories. It is also great for businesses.

It is such a great, durable product that it comes with a 20 year residential guarantee which is fully transferable if you decide to sell your home. No other floor finish offers this, so you know that if you choose Amtico flooring, it is a sound investment as it will last a long time. Amtico is therefore great value for money!

If you would like to know more about Amtico, please visit our showroom and chat to our friendly sales staff, or call us on 01522 524374.

Changes in flooring tastes and factors that affect those changes

Lincolnshire Flooring carpetsThere has been a great deal of change in what we choose to put on our floors over time, which is not surprising, as nothing lasts forever.

Cork, for example, which was very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, has waned over time. 

Ten years ago, two thirds of carpets sold at Lincolnshire Flooring were patterned carpets. Now, there is an association in many people’s minds between patterned carpets and “old ladies’ bedrooms”. With less demand for patterned carpets, prices have increased because of the cost of the machinery required to create the patterns.

Previously popular Belgian carpets have become less popular, with people now preferring Chinese and Turkish carpets. 

Green carpets used to be a bestseller. However, around 85% of the carpets now sold at Lincolnshire Flooring are beige, and it is very much the fashion to keep your walls and carpets plain, and use your curtains to inject some colour in to your room. The competition to Lincolnshire Flooring now comes from shops selling other products for the home, rather than other flooring companies. If people keep their walls and carpets plain, then they don’t need to change them in order to change the appearance of their room – a new TV, or a new picture can do that instead.

The influence that TV makeover shows have on people’s shopping habits when it comes to buying flooring cannot be underestimated. TV makeover shows, house building and design shows and house selling and buying shows have large daily or weekly audiences, so if a property or design expert on one of the shows makes a statement about a certain design or a certain type of flooring, it will most likely have an effect on the flooring industry. In fact, a product which might have been popular can within 3 or 4 months suddenly lose it’s popularity as a result of a TV makeover show.

This might not necessarily be due to a criticism or praising of the flooring, but if a new style of kitchen, for example, becomes popular as a result of these TV shows, then whilst people are getting a new kitchen they will want a new vinyl to match the kitchen. As the old avocado bathroom suite gets replaced, the flooring gets replaced with it.

These are just what we have been seeing from the shop floor, but ultimately, everything comes down to individual tastes and budgets, and Lincolnshire Flooring caters for everyone’s tastes and budgets. To see our full range of carpets and other flooring, drop in to our showroom on the Outer Circle Road in Lincoln. We’re open Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 5pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8.30am until 7.30pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 9 until 5 on Saturday. There our friendly sales staff will be happy to help you with all your flooring needs.

Why do Lincolnshire Flooring employ their own fitters?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Here at Lincolnshire Flooring, we are proud to say that we employ all our own carpet and floor fitters.

This might sound like a strange boast – who else would employ them you might ask? 

Well, with many carpet and flooring firms, you pay the company for the carpet or the flooring, and then you have to pay the fitter (a freelancer rather than somebody employed by that company) separately for fitting the carpet. Whilst these subcontractors may do an excellent job, they are not employed by the firm you bought the carpet from. Therefore, the shop that you bought the carpet or flooring from does not have any control over the work carried out in your home or business. If there are any issues arising afterwards, it can be unclear who you go to – the company who supplied the carpet, or the “man in a van” who fitted it.

When you buy carpet or flooring from Lincolnshire Flooring, you know who is responsible for both the supply and the fitting: Lincolnshire Flooring. You pay one price for both the carpet or flooring and the fitting. All of our fitters are employed by us, they wear the Lincolnshire Flooring uniform and they all drive Lincolnshire Flooring liveried company vehicles.

By employing our own fitters, it also means that we can train them to our own very high standards. There is no recognised training body for the flooring industry, so we provide apprenticeship schemes to our new fitters, and then encourage and support them to further their knowledge and experience through both internal and external training.

Lincolnshire Flooring also offer a full site survey, measuring service and aftercare, meaning that we are a one-stop shop for every part of your carpet and flooring buying and fitting.   

If you would like to come and visit our showroom to start the process of having new carpet or flooring fitted, our company showroom is on the Outer Circle Road in Lincoln and is open from Monday to Saturday with free parking.

The three sides of Lincolnshire Flooring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lincolnshire Flooring is made up of three key elements.

There is the contract side of the business. Lincolnshire Flooring has a strong history of supplying the contract sector, and this makes up around 50% of Lincolnshire Flooring’s business. This often centres around providing and fitting products like carpet tiles and vinyl. Clients have included retirement and care homes across Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire Health Authority, Lincoln College, Lincoln University, Lincoln Prison, Lincolnshire County Council, Lloyds, Morrisons and ASDA.

There is also the retail side of the business, which involves selling flooring to the public across Lincolnshire. This makes up approximately one fifth of Lincolnshire Flooring’s business. This side of the business was started when current Managing Director, Graham Jefferson, joined the firm from a background in retail. Lincolnshire Flooring has a company showroom situated on the Outer Circle Road in Lincoln which is open to the general public from Monday to Saturday with free parking. You can also book a free home visit through our website. Lincolnshire Flooring serves Lincoln, Horncastle, Newark, Gainsborough, Boston, Woodhall Spa, Louth, Sleaford and Scunthorpe.

Finally, there is the house builder side of the business. This involves supplying and fitting the flooring in new houses as they are being built and finished, for example Barratt Homes. Lincolnshire Flooring has provided and fitted flooring for house building projects in 70 different sites across the UK, from Newcastle to Northampton and from York to Cambridgeshire. Clients have included Barratt Homes, Gleeson Homes and Lindum Construction.  

So, whatever your flooring needs, whether you need new wood flooring for your home, vinyl for your business or carpet for your new build homes, give us a call on 01522 524374, visit our website, or pop in and see us.

The early years of Lincolnshire Flooring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         A previous blogpost (which can be viewed here) told the story of how Lincolnshire Flooring came into being. We now continue that story to look at the early years of Lincolnshire Flooring.

Tony Jefferson, the founder of Lincolnshire Flooring, had three sons, one of whom was current Managing Director Graham Jefferson. Graham worked for British Home Stores, where he was trained, and his last post was at Colchester. Whilst there, all but three members of staff were dismissed, and as a result Graham became Assistant Manager. There were profit and morale problems, so Graham stayed there for 14 months until the problems were resolved, and then started working with his father at Lincolnshire Flooring.

At this point, Lincolnshire Flooring was only doing supplying the contract sector – hospitals, schools, prisons, camps etc. but as Graham’s background was in retail, he opened a retail side to the business. This was based at Gresham Street in Lincoln and offered a professional and friendly service to the general public. Tony Jefferson retired from the business shortly after Graham joined, and Graham’s brother soon joined him. Lincolnshire Flooring has very much a family feel, with Graham’s son joining the business 6 years ago, and his brother’s son joining the business last summer.

15 years ago, Lincolnshire Flooring moved to its current site on the Outer Circle Road in Lincoln. The showroom offers easy viewing in pleasant surroundings. The site is easy to get to, has free parking and is open from Monday to Saturday, from 8.30am on weekdays and from 9am on Saturday. It closes at 5pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and is open until 7.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you would like to contact Lincolnshire Flooring, or would like driving directions for how to find us, visit our contact us page.

Axminster Carpets going in to administration

AxminsterThere was some incredibly sad news for the carpet industry and for the country as a whole yesterday when it was announced that Axminster Carpets has applied to go in to administration. The historic firm is one of Devon’s largest employees, and around 400 jobs are believed to be at risk.

Axminster Carpets has a long and proud history. Founded in 1755 by Thomas Whitty in the East Devonshire town on Axminster, the company was the first to weave rugs and carpets by hand – a method that came to be known as the Axminster method. Today the carpets are still made using natural methods and materials, and have a strongly established reputation for high quality, luxury and durability. In fact, Axminster Carpets were the choice of the aristocracy for years, with their carpets being owned by King George III and Queen Charlotte (who visited their factory), and being used to decorate the floors of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, Brighton Pavilion, and other English country homes and town houses. The firm also made the carpet for George VI’s coronation in 1937.

The Whitty family business ended in 1835 following a major fire which destroyed their factory, but the company was resurrected by Harry Dutfield in 1937, and his grandson Joshua Dutfield is the firm’s director today. It was only just over a year ago, in January 2012, that Axminster Carpets was granted the Royal Warrant for the supply of goods and services to Her Majesty The Queen.

Axminster Carpets said yesterday that administration would give them “a moratorium period during which the various rescue options being explored can continue”, and that they would continue trading whilst these options were being considered. 

Axminster Carpets is one of the makes of carpet sold by Lincolnshire Flooring. We really hope that they get through this period, and our thoughts are with the firm and its employees.