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How Safety Flooring Can Protect Your Employees from Accidents at Work

how safety flooring can protect your employees from accidents at workDid you know that slips and trips are the biggest cause of accidents in the workplace in the UK? According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) they cost UK businesses as much as £500 million each year and because of this they advise businesses to follow strict guidelines to prevent and cut down on the number of incidents.

Slips, trips and falls can cause a whole range of injuries to employees. From broken bones and whiplash to serious long-term injuries. In the short term your employees may have to take days off work for treatment and recovery, however more serious injuries could lead to them taking multiple-sick days or even having to leave their job entirely. Not to mention that if you are found to be at fault for the accident and to have failed in your duty of care under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) that you could also face legal and financial consequences.

While slips and trips can never be completely eradicated from the workplace there are practical steps that you can take to reduce the risk. Small actions like ensuring employees are fitted out with appropriate footwear, that any spills of liquid are quickly cleaned up, and that aisles or workways are clear of obstructions are a good place to start. However, one of the key ways that you can prevent slips and trips is to choose practical flooring.

How Safety Flooring Can Help
Sensible flooring should be at the core of any businesses Health and Safety plans. If you choose the wrong type of flooring, then you could make the problem of slips and trips even worse. One of the key choices that we recommend to many businesses in the commercial sector is safety flooring.

Safety flooring creates a strong connection between foot and floor which reduces the chances of slips. This is because the makeup of safety flooring is jagged and contoured which increases friction underfoot. There are strict regulations and standards in place when it comes to the term safety flooring and a floor cannot be recognised as safety flooring if it fails to meet specific measures of slip resistance. Safety flooring sometimes also has safety particles and other aggregates such as aluminium oxide, silicon carbide and quartz incorporated to improve wet slip performance by increasing the overall tread of the flooring. A good safety flooring will have these aggregates throughout the flooring as opposed to just the top layer, which will mean that even as heavy foot traffic wears the floor down with time, it will still retain its benefits helping to maintain foot/floor contact and reduce the chances of an accident.

The world of safety flooring can be complex but here at Lincolnshire Flooring we have the expertise and know-how to help you on your way. We have been installing commercial floor coverings for over 50 years, carrying out contracts of values up to £200,000. For a no-obligation quotation and to discuss your needs, please call us on 01522 524374 or visit our popular showroom at Outer Circle Road, Lincoln, LN2 4HU.

Why you should always choose a professional to install your flooring

Worker using putty knife for cleaning floorDIY doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Despite this fact, we often let our pride get the best of us and try to complete jobs that should in all honesty be left to the experts. While you might get away with fixing a leaky tap or adding a lick of paint to a wall, some jobs, like installing flooring, should always be left to professionals.

One of the first reasons that you should have a professional install your flooring is simply that it will look much better. Installation experts know how to measure up and install even the trickiest of floors, making sure that everything is tuned to precision. If the room you are working in has roadblocks like uneven subfloors, special patterns or difficult corners then you could end up not only pulling your hair out but also botching the job somewhat.

A key hope of homeowners browsing our showroom is to find what we call a “forever floor” - in other words a floor that will last you a very long time. Quality flooring does come at a price and so often the purchasing decision is agonised over, advice is sought, minds are changed and changed again until the dream floor is chosen. Once you make an investment in flooring, it makes no sense to then try and install it yourself if you have no experience. Wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that the flooring beneath your feet has been expertly fitted?

What’s more, while you think you may be saving money by carrying out the flooring installation yourself, you might well not be. You may well have to fork out for not only the flooring itself but also equipment to help you remove the old carpet and any underlying debris, tools such as screws, nail guns and stain and if you do make any mistakes and have to buy replacement materials then that will have to come out of your pocket.

Here at Lincolnshire Flooring, we are proud to employ all of our own carpet and floor fitters. This means that we can be sure that our carpets are fitted to a high standard and if any problems are encountered the customer knows who to contact. Our fitters are trained to exceptional standards with internal and external training. We provide a full site survey, measuring service and aftercare, acting as a one-stop shop for your flooring needs. If you’re looking for new flooring for your home, then call us on 01522 524 374 or visit our showroom on Outer Circle Road in Lincoln.